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These Summer Days

As summer draws closer to its end it is nice to sit back and reflect on all that summer 2023 has brought us. It's been hot that is for certain but I do love that summer tan! This summer brought me the opportunity to do a family portrait session for my friend Emily and her sweet little family! We had a perfectly warm evening session with all the greenery that Stillwater has to offer with the beautiful background of the St.Croix River!

Emily, I loved watching you use all the little tricks to bring a smile to your sons face, and enjoyed seeing him BEAM while Brendan swung him around or held him in the air (like the image below)! I couldn't have asked for a more chill, lovely and fun session! Your love for each other is so present and your equal love and admiration for your son was so amazing to watch and to capture in a photo! Not only are you both great, fun people, you are also really great parents to your son!

Summer sessions really combine my two favorite things- spending time outdoors and photography! Being able to do what I love, see people smile, and enjoy the scenery all at the same time is so rewarding! If you havent acted on your passion yet-this is your sign! get out there and do it :) Happy summer everyone!

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