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Oh Baby!

When we set the date for this shoot we thought for sure the weather would be fine. BUT we live in Minnesota, we should have known better. The night before this day we got hit with a d

umping of snow- there is no better word for it, it was a dumping of snow. Despite shooting in the snow (literally) and the cold, it was still a special photo shoot that ill never forget. Partially because Zoe and Nate have become great friends that I cherish in my life, and partially because there is something really special about watching your friends begin a new journey in their life; being able to capture in camera how much they love each other and their little one already. It will always be so exciting to shoot these milestone moments. Zoe and Nate- thank you for letting me be apart of those beautiful moments. I already know that you two are going to be the absolute best parents, and I cant wait to watch you guys grow as individuals into your new role as parents! And of course to meet the sweetest baby!

Who woulda thought that a snowy , cold photo shoot would have resulted in so many sweet, dare I say, precious memories and photo's. Love you guys!

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